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  • Paul Benz

Renewable Energy Challenges and Opportunities

Talking about the energy issue today is like talking about the time when the Gold Rush made its appearance, in America and throughout the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

Everyone undertook a complete Adventure trip into the unknown to find the gold that everyone was desperately looking for and in turn, generated the expansion of the West of the United States and in various sectors of the then Mexican Empire and even long before the independence of the Empire. Spanish in Zacatecas and Chihuahua already extracted the Gold from the mines. However, throughout the nineteenth century In the rivers, in the caves, where it was the place where the gold appeared either in the famous Gold nuggets, or there was someone who found gold mines.

Today's energy generation has reminded me so much of that era since whoever is involved in this business of producing energy, that is cheap, clean, and constant in its production with a footprint that yields positive statistics after being implemented.

It is just in the most competitive moment that can exist. Since the last speech before the State Union, Obama spoke of the NRG supercut (budget cut policy for fossil fuels), immediately institutions such as the American Petroleum Institute API, condemned the actions taken by Obama to ratify a policy directed towards The energy sector would make the fossil energy business a very complex storm, precisely on that is the economic situation of today, since the budgets that could be used in fossils now, will be extended in Renewable Energy or Innovations.

However, it is incredible but the American market was immediately standardized to renewable energies of solar, wind, and bio-energy sources as well as finding a way to reuse non-renewable plastics and create machines that can supply or at least enter the lines energetic an important percentage. From renewable energy circuits.

Likewise, the solar business has allowed making solar energy farms where water also evaporates and is used to create steam and make enough pressure to mobilize a compressor with its coupling generating a percentage of renewable energy in the deserts of California where they use a tower. with a large reflector to increase the solar load and its temperature.

We are really in moments where human ingenuity and energy innovation is the new fever of Gold, since complying with the three parameters of cost-benefit, cleanliness in its generation or processes, as well as perseverance, are the three factors found in the first words that every scientist, engineer, inventor or another person who is interested in making this topic work as it should be must have before their eyes.

So we will expect great advances in the coming years and especially advances in the use of materials, alloys, and chemical reactions, as well as the important improvement of batteries, which today are lithium batteries which are used by electric vehicles.

However, we do not consider its polluting footprint after disposal and in its manufacturing process, it must be considered that they leave a polluting impression that is not considered since people's eyes are on the developments of electric vehicles that are now still a luxury but they are already beginning to be a necessity and the extension of the range capacity or operating hours of the vehicle must be better and greater.

The industry also seeks alternatives to lower the operating costs of electrical machinery by receiving or generating a significant percentage that is renewable. And in the industrial sector, we find large variables from the agricultural sector, generating electrical energy from biomass and converting it into methane that requires refinement to obtain and generate a lower percentage of carbon dioxide.

Energy is the theme of humanity in this century and energy will be an important part of the change of direction that leads the planet towards the search for the correct answer. Today we are working with new fusion reactors trying to emulate the conditions generated by the sun, which would be extremely expensive plants and let alone the possibility of a failure that could be fatal and of significant proportions.

The search for renewable energy is tireless, motivating, and important for human survival, to find a solution to the renewable energy issue with low costs, cleanliness in its production and in its final printing footprint, as well as the perseverance it requires to maintain the industry operating, at ever lower costs.

This is the Adventure and the commitment that PGI has made in its central values ​​or core values, which direct the company in a direction that certainly leads us to find last generation solutions.


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