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Clean Energy is What We Do!

Power Group International is an incorporated company, integrated by Mexico and United States top engineering experts with experienced and qualified personnel in the clean, renewable energy and power generation industry, with an innovation philosophy and applications in energy generation with refined, clean, efficient solutions.


We offer the most advanced technological solutions in the market by generating reliable, clean, and inexpensive fuel to power plants to deliver the best option in the Biogas market today!

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Innovative Products

Reliable, Cheap, Clean Energy & Power Alternative Technology Products & Solutions

Power Group International, our vision is to seek a profound milestone to provide reliable, cheap, clean energy and power by becoming the number one provider for alternative solutions in the market, by being an organization that improves itself by working in collaboration with our clients and being an innovating company.



Hydrom Superfuel

Energy generation from organic matter.

Our high-efficiency reactors process

organic matter to produce Hydrom gas.

By uniting hydrogen and methane, we obtain a ZERO emissions, powerful, efficient and safe BIOGAS Super Fuel. Hydrom fuel.

Girl Drinking Water

Water Purification


Advanced water treatment technology.
Sewage to drinkable water on demand.

Solar Energy

High Yield Solar Solutions For Every Need!

Last generation solar power systems for your projects and industry, We provide "Turn-Key" solutions as well as a wide range of solar technology energy storage, tie-grid, off-grid procurement, engineering, EPC.

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Kinetic Energy Power Unit

Our magnetic high efficiency kinetic power units are maintenance-free, small and highly efficient. They provide plug and play functionality. Models ranging from 5 to 40 KW


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Contact Us

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Av. Insurgentes Sur 377 PH, Hipódromo Condesa, Cuauhtémoc, 06100 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

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